Monday, November 08, 2004

difficulty in accessing people

are'nt humans complex?!
there's an old adage which goes sayin "the first impression is the best" - what i think is - the first impression might be the best... thats what forms the initial image of a person in the mind - its like a painting... one has to have a rough sketch first, only then can one refine it to a final one. the rough sketch is what is formed at the first impression. most of the times, it can so happen that the final painting might be radically different from the one it started off from. so it is with the impression of people... the first impression might not say what the person is all about. may be, it is not intended to say everything about a person. so, we must be careful about what to infer and what not to infer about a person from his/her first impression that we get... most of the times, this can lead to situations you might not be "expecting". Now we take a turn to "expectations" ...

EXPECTATIONS - root cause for all happiness or all tragedy ... what causes us "expect" something?! simply put, expectations are heuristics which say that this might be so, this event might happen, and so on... it does not say that this will happen, this is going to be so, etc. a highly scaled down version of the same scenario is the design of a computer program which can play chess - it has to have a heuristic, which by looking at the current situation, predict some things which might happen in the near future and based on that it has to take a decision on what has to be done now ...

ok - i can sense the "stack overflow" expression on the faces of the readers ... shall stop now - will try 'n pick off from here some time later - no guarantee tho ... :-)

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