Tuesday, November 09, 2004

different perspective

I've observed that most people tend to define theirlife in terms of their present state.

"How's life?".

The response to thisquestion is usually a function of their current state of mind.

How's life? : Sad man, my girlfriend ditched me

How's life? : Sad man, i flunked an exam

How's life? : Sad man, i just lost my job

How's life? : Cool, i just won a lottery

How's life? : Sad man, i'm totally depressed today

I PERSONALLY think ( and i don't expect you to agree )that people should definelife as a whole, and more importantly on what theyhave done with theirlife rathan than what has been done to their life. I mean, look at whateffects you have produced on the world, rather thanwhat has happened to you.

How's life? : Cool, i made someone think for ONEFULL NIGHT

How's life? : Cool, i helped my company make money

How's life? : Cool, everybody laughed at my jokes atthe movie today

The first category of people look at life inwards. They think of what theworld has been doing to them. Their life is at thecenter, with the world actingon thier life from all around. Life at the center isvulnerable and gets squashed by all the forces acting on it.Rather than that, i belive people should look at theirlife outwards.

Look at the world from the center of you, your life.Now life is at the center,and it is acting on the world. Like i said, don'tthink what the world did toyour life. Think what you did to the world. Let lifeact on the world, ratherthan the other way. In such a senario, your life hasmuch more freedom to expand into the world. Think of what you can do to theaffect the world.

In other words, make a difference

I know all this sounds far fetched, and difficuly to implement but i firmlybelieve that this is a practical policy to look atlife. You get only one of it.Do all you can with it.

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