Tuesday, November 30, 2004

it just struck me...

recently, i was on my way back home after dropping
my friend back... snap went my clutch cable - i had
to push my bike for abt a kilometer till i found a repair
shop. that guy did not have my bike's clutch cable.
but he had bajaj scooter's cable and he told me that
it'd work fine - "just replace it within 1 or 2 months",
he said. he replaced the cut cable in no time and i went
back home. the clutch cable was working just fine... in fact
i felt better with its tighter action on the gearbox. 2
months passed by... it was then i was reminded of the
mechanic's words. i immediately bought the genuine spare
and got it replaced. this one has a much much smoother
feel to it.

it just struck me - until i got the scooter cable replaced
with this one, it was working just fine... only after
replacement, i found that this was much smoother.
drawing on this similarity - man is usually happy with
what he has... only when he finds that something better
exists, he wants to pursue that. some people are happy
with what they have but some people are constantly looking
for a better life... depends on the individual perspective.
its just a matter of the individual to feel others are greedy
for more or that someone is not at all ambitious... i've been
told by many people that i need to be more ambitious in
life... its just that i'm quite content with the way i am now
and if anything better happens, i'll take it...

afterall, i did not want to get the clutch cable changed -
the warning of the mechanic led me to... :-)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

my first hand at cooking...

"okay - whats the big deal?!" - I said to myself when
I saw the chit on the table. Mom had left it, saying she
had to go to a wedding and since Dad is out of station,
I'd have to prepare rice for myself. She had given clear
instructions as to how to prepare it with exact proportions
of rice, water and also the durations the cooker had to
be kept on...

One such instruction said... "2 cups of water..." The
mistake I did was (probably), pick the wrong cup...
End result : Rice which was VERY (I mean VERY) hard...
And there was only ME to eat it!!!! Ughhh!!!!

It was hard going down and the sight of Chelsea drubbing
Charlton in the EPL match made it somewhat easier... I mean
its a real comedy when even a central defender scores 2 goals
within a span of 5 mins!!!!

Hope I dont get a bad stomach morrow...

Saturday, November 27, 2004

a very interesting and touching incident...

I was coming back from the routine (Cue Club + cricket)
meet of the weekend and I just got stuck at the training
college circle signal. 155 seconds to go...

A little boy approached me with some pamphlets in hand.
He must have been about 12 years old. He thrust one slip
in my hand. It was some ad about .net and J2ee training of
some computer training center. I said that I do not want it.
He told - "please take this sir, its my livelihood". Pointing
to a lil girl of about 5 years age, he said "my sister has not
had food since morning"... There was a combination of fear
and helplessness in his eyes. I figured that if his sister there
had not had food, he himself must also have been starving
since morning. My hand went to my purse, I pulled out a
20 rs and handed over to that boy. I told him to have a decent
meal soon... He was still holding the pamphlet... I took it from
him... it was 16 seconds remaining to get the green. He walked
off distributing the pamphlets to others...

I've seen many people like this boy, selling vegetables, ear buds,
etc at that traffic signal. I've even seen women holding very
small kids begging at the signal. I dont know how many of them
are fake... But everytime I see them, I feel sorry for them. Is it
the lack of money thats the real problem here? Not directly...
Its the hunger... everyone needs to eat in order to survive and
money happens to be a means to that - perhaps the only means...

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

make someone's day

Its amazing how you feel so good, when someone says "thank you!"... Just goes to show that everyone needs some appreciation for the work they do... This brings forth a question - so, should we only do something expecting something back?

2 kinds of things can be differenciated... somethings are done for which you are paid... some others for which you are not... people tend to work so hard to earn money... yes money is important in today's society... the whole society is based on the monetary pillar that money is indispensible.

but not everything comes along with money - there are so many write ups which say "money cannot buy happiness" - I tend to agree with them... happiness is something that our heart feels... people can derive happiness from anything - depends on the sort of person that you are... just give it a try - a simple "thank you! i really appreciate it..." will make you feel so happy...

go ahead - make someone's day...

Sunday, November 14, 2004


one of my hilarious write ups about the great mr.PK!!!!


.....Here's what you can expect when you desperately want to talk to the great one - PK....

Instance 1

[Poor me] : <5737318> --> Dialing.....Dialing....Dialing......

Instance 2

[Poor me] : <5737318> --> Dialing...Dialing....[PK's Sister] : Hello....[Poor me] : Can I speak to Aditya?[PK's sister] : Is it Srinivas, by any chance?[Poor me] : Yeah....[PK's sister] : !!!!(She's so used to PK not being home whenever I call, that she bursts out laughing!)

Instance 3

[Poor me] : <5737318> --> Dialing....Dialing.... [Poor me] : [Poor me] : <9845616597>....Dialing....Dialing....[Electronically recorded voice of a chic!] : Hello....you have reached the subscriber's voice mail box....Please leave your message after the beep, or, if you don't want to leave a message, just hang up.... [Poor me] : PK, you @#%$#@^$#&#^%$&#$%@#$ !!!!

Instance 4

[Poor me] : <5737318>....Dialing...
[PK] : Hullo....[Poor me] : Thank god I found you.....I wanted to....
[PK] : Listen dude, I'm talking to someone else....Can I call you back in 5 mins.?!
[Poor me] : Sure....Bye...........

5 mins..... 15 mins.... 30 mins.... 1 hr.... 2 hrs.... 2 days.... 4 days.........

[Poor me] : Lo, hajaam PK, You forgot to call me last week....
[PK] : What's the date today?!
[PK] : When had you called?!
[PK] : My phone is dead from 4 days daaa!!!!

Instance 5

[Poor me] : <5737318>.... (picks up before it starts ringing....!!!!)
[PK] : Heeellllooo....
[Poor me] : You busy
PK] : No daaaa
Poor me] : You talking to someone else?!
[PK] : Illa maggaaa....[Poor me] : Whatcha doin'?!
[PK] : I was (hoohoooooooo) sleeeeeeeepin daaaaaaaa....
[Poor me] : Bloody, you're always sleeping, or busy or what??!!
[PK] : You bastard, you always wake me when I'm asleep....now lemme sleep...I'll call back later.....<> (same saga repeats!!!!)

One day, I considered the alternative of going to his place instead of calling him. There are costs attached to that as well....

1. Distance - 12 Kms....which takes 0.18146153843 lts of petrol, amounting to Rs. 6.6221538463But wait....this is only the face cost....Here are the hidden costs....

a) after each trip to his house, on those Mud-rally tracks, I need to get my bike's wheels balanced....which costs Rs. 30 per wheel. b) after the suffocating drive, I'll need to purchase a strip of lozenges to soothe my throat and respiratory tract.
Ignoring this might demand 100ml of cough syrup too!!!!
I can't even accept PK's offer, where he says that he himself will take me home on his bike.... 'cuz, his bike's sooooo dirty, that after taking a ride on it, looking at my garments, I can't even say "Surf Excel hai naa"!!!! Now I get, why the dude does'nt park his bike in a shelter....the rain gods occasionally cleanse his bike out of sheer pity!!!! Does'nt that suggest that our hero can save some deodorant on himself?!

Now, even after all I've said, this is what PK had to say upon asking him to get me a novel....

"Call and remind me"

[Poor me] : (thinking....) Here we go again....



Ever wondered how life would be if there was only crisp "binary" states -
either "this" or "that" - with nothing to take us in between those two?!
You See something - its either good or bad. you either like or dislike it.
Its only whe you have something like 30% hate, 65% like and 5% dunno what -
it tends to become so obscure. Anything for that matter.

To really see, what impact it would have, if everything could be seen as
either of only 2 states, its not enough to just apply in some situation "now".
Rather it would be wrong to do that - for it would not show us the real impact.
Think how we have come this far. Not with "binary" thinking. We have come
this far with the sort of fuzzy feelings. So, we have to go back in time and from
the very beginning, apply this "binary" state of thinking and interpreting things.
If we do that, we can get a more comprehensive view of things. So, if Adam and
Eve had started of with a different set of brains that would support only "binary"
kinda thinking, then apply this philosophy, I saw that the world would be an
absolute dreamy place to live in or an absolute hell.

Moreover, world would still be in existance or long gone. I've seen people
struggle so much, cos they dont know what to do - they seem to have so
many choices to pick from. I'd say, if not come to the binary state,
if people have less choices, its a lot clearer and easier to make a good one.
That's why I consider the "binary" level most blissful. Its not all that bad,
as you might be thinking.

You must be wondering, if this was the case, you can start absolutely hating
the person you like most. Believe me, you wont be thinking that if the world
had started off as "binary". May be, there would be no different kinds of
relationships between people as we have today. Is that really a problem?
Do we really want so many compliated relationships, controlled by complicated

The point is that there must be only 2 points, and no line joining those 2.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

great lines from great songs


nothing else matters - nothing else matters

death greets me warm, now i will just say goodbye... - fade to black

then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of the tunnel, is just a freight train comin your way... - no leaf clover

you could have flown away, a singing bird, in an open cage, who will only fly, for freedom... - walk on

you damaged my mind and my soul it just flowats thru the air - phantom of the opera

when you think that we've used all our chances, and the chance to make everything right, keep on making the same old mistakes, makes untipping the balance so easy, when we're living our lives on the edge, say a prayer on the book of the dead - blood brothers

all my hopes and expectations, looking for an explanation, coming to the realisation, that i cant see for sure... - dream of mirrors

there's a thin line between love and hate - thin line b/w love and hate

the age of innocence is fading like an old dream - age of innocence

if you turn to the light that is burning in the night, then the journeyman's day has begun - journeyman

Weaving a thread round your heart and your soul,Deceiving your eyes and delaying your goal,Ships in the night when they pass out of sight,Deliver their cargo of earthly delights,To the women and the children the souls of the dead,I've opened their book and no mercy is shed,
You want forgiveness and you want it cheap,I don't give redemption rewards for the meek,Suffering evil when you pay the price of fame,There isn't a god to save you if you don't save yourself,You can't blame a madman if you go insane,Give me the strength so I carry on - Gates of tomorrow

more in the next part...

Friday, November 12, 2004

most inspiring reply

the following is the most inspiring reply i've got to one of the mails i sent when i was feeling low...

dear Srini,

i can't think of a way to react to that absolutely blasphemous mail that u thought up.
i hand it to you that there were some points in the mail where u had quite a case going.
but then...come off it,srini..whatever u may say..lets face it,we all look up to u.plz don't
for one second think that i'm making an essay to flatter you or something like that..fer Chrissakes i don't even know to whom u've 'bcc'd the mail to.the ablative, absolute and
the goddam fact is..we..and i mean all of us think reallygood of you.okay,u r incredibly
consistent academically even outrageously so..butthat apart u r an embodiment of all
thats good.plz believe me,u have played an indelible role in influencing the whole of us.
it is difficult to imagine that someone as amazingly meticulous and so highly principled
as u would actually begin losing interest in studies..pray,plz keep going!we all understand
the fact that studying is simply not your solitary goal in life..believeme,u aint kidding
anyone with that crap..i can still remember the zillion times thati've told ppl that u study
only like 2hrs a day each day and still come up with suchbrilliant results...we admire ur personality as a whole..i've even tried adopting itfor a week or so...and believe me i was
such a rip-off..i've come to terms with the thingthat only Srini can do it...be so modest abt
his capabilities,put on a ready smile each time someone chats up with him,come to play regularly,come to katte regularly,remain such a comp wiz,"work hard,party harder" guy
...i mean its outta this worldto tel u the truth...u sure as hell r gonna find someone fantastic
i promise u that..and i'm really at a loss for worlds for those final few queries..u r highly affable..so u obviously 'talk thru matters' with people..u r gifted with like a zillion tons of
patience so u won't ever run out of it..u r at peace withurself which rules out the illusion
that u r losing yo temper..u certainly dont eat anyone's head..infact,being with u is beneficial
in like a trillion ways.about u being avoided...let me not even go there...all said and done...
u've gotta believe this dude..u r still the PEOPLE'S champ!

P.S:hating romantic stories is just about the most abnormal thing u've done this week!

ur friend,


this guy is a real inspiring person. 2 years younger to me, but ages ahead in life ... glad to have someone like you pal!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

different perspective

I've observed that most people tend to define theirlife in terms of their present state.

"How's life?".

The response to thisquestion is usually a function of their current state of mind.

How's life? : Sad man, my girlfriend ditched me

How's life? : Sad man, i flunked an exam

How's life? : Sad man, i just lost my job

How's life? : Cool, i just won a lottery

How's life? : Sad man, i'm totally depressed today

I PERSONALLY think ( and i don't expect you to agree )that people should definelife as a whole, and more importantly on what theyhave done with theirlife rathan than what has been done to their life. I mean, look at whateffects you have produced on the world, rather thanwhat has happened to you.

How's life? : Cool, i made someone think for ONEFULL NIGHT

How's life? : Cool, i helped my company make money

How's life? : Cool, everybody laughed at my jokes atthe movie today

The first category of people look at life inwards. They think of what theworld has been doing to them. Their life is at thecenter, with the world actingon thier life from all around. Life at the center isvulnerable and gets squashed by all the forces acting on it.Rather than that, i belive people should look at theirlife outwards.

Look at the world from the center of you, your life.Now life is at the center,and it is acting on the world. Like i said, don'tthink what the world did toyour life. Think what you did to the world. Let lifeact on the world, ratherthan the other way. In such a senario, your life hasmuch more freedom to expand into the world. Think of what you can do to theaffect the world.

In other words, make a difference

I know all this sounds far fetched, and difficuly to implement but i firmlybelieve that this is a practical policy to look atlife. You get only one of it.Do all you can with it.

Monday, November 08, 2004

difficulty in accessing people

are'nt humans complex?!
there's an old adage which goes sayin "the first impression is the best" - what i think is - the first impression might be the best... thats what forms the initial image of a person in the mind - its like a painting... one has to have a rough sketch first, only then can one refine it to a final one. the rough sketch is what is formed at the first impression. most of the times, it can so happen that the final painting might be radically different from the one it started off from. so it is with the impression of people... the first impression might not say what the person is all about. may be, it is not intended to say everything about a person. so, we must be careful about what to infer and what not to infer about a person from his/her first impression that we get... most of the times, this can lead to situations you might not be "expecting". Now we take a turn to "expectations" ...

EXPECTATIONS - root cause for all happiness or all tragedy ... what causes us "expect" something?! simply put, expectations are heuristics which say that this might be so, this event might happen, and so on... it does not say that this will happen, this is going to be so, etc. a highly scaled down version of the same scenario is the design of a computer program which can play chess - it has to have a heuristic, which by looking at the current situation, predict some things which might happen in the near future and based on that it has to take a decision on what has to be done now ...

ok - i can sense the "stack overflow" expression on the faces of the readers ... shall stop now - will try 'n pick off from here some time later - no guarantee tho ... :-)