Tuesday, August 03, 2004

new post

Just to test the posting via email ...

I do not have an attitude problem,
You have a perception problem ...


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submitted my first piece of code

Today I submitted my first piece of code, which was a utility to down a VA controller. It is being reviewed by my team members. Was a great learning experience. learnt so many differences b/w linux and HP-UX. one main thing was the memory alignment constraint.

ptr = (unsigned int *)(&dataBuf[6]) ;
if( *ptr & mask ) // this was giving bus error(core dump)

I had to change it to

ptr = (unsigned int *)(&dataBuf[6]) ;
memcpy( &maskVal , ptr , sizeof(unsigned int) ) ;
if( *ptr & mask ) // worked fine

like this, got so many other platform dependent errors.
hoping to get to code more - i can learn more as it goes ...

Monday, August 02, 2004

First Salary

Got my first salary at HP. Only 16K!!!! 7K went up as tax!!!! This is insane :((