Friday, July 30, 2004

current state

12 noon: Friday - After 2 hrs of analysing the VA firmware logs, I found out some typical sequences of events that happen and it has increased my understanding of the way the firmware behaves in response to certain commands and actions.

Getting to get bugged - need a break - i'm off to go for a walk - :)

service orientation

the so called service orientation - where they would tell us about the finance, payroll, etc processes, turned into a fight between some of us and the HSBC bank people. Some were very dissatisfied with not getting an account number even after 20 days of submission of the form. One even went on to say that he was going with the bank only cos the employer is giving no other choice and he woul definetely not recommend the bank to anyone! Meanwhile, I was getting totally bugged up. It was supposed to end at 1pm but was dragging on till 2. So, I walked off at 1:30, had lunch and went back to office. but some parts of the orientation were fun - like the facilities of gym, sports, late night taxi were fun - the guy who made the ppt was acting real funny. -:)

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

created my own blog space

at last, i got my own space to blog - will blog regularly on major happenings - be it technical, or otherwise.